Sometimes I Think You Don’t Listen to a Word I Say!

Did you have a nice day at school, honey?

You know just the usual, nothing special;
I fell down a mountain and my head rolled away, 
I told it to stay, but it went anyway.
I met the Queen she said off with your head, 
But instead she cut my hair, so then I was bare.

Went with Santa to have some rum, 
Robbed a bank, had to run, 
Went to Mars and had a Mars bar, 
I went to Starbucks with springbucks.
Had some honey with a bunny, 
Ha ha, he was so funny. 

Married a sloth with a bad cough, 
Went to Australia in a jet, 
Came back to London and guess who I met?
Britney, Madonna and Uncle Freddy, 

That’s very nice dear, 
Your dinner is ready. 

By Darcy Melia. 

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