Chemistry at Priory

Today the children took a trip to the Burscough Priory science department. We continued our learning on a previous topic we looked at early on in the year: reversible and irreversible reactions.

We found that some metals react with oxygen in the air to produce metal oxides. We observed magnesium reacting with oxygen to produce magnesium oxide. Normally we do not think of iron as being flammable, but the strands of steel wool were thin enough to burn when we put them over a bunsen burner (fire and science- how exciting!) 

Thank you very much to Mrs Tonge for a very exciting lesson. 

Sometimes I Think You Don’t Listen to a Word I Say!

Did you have a nice day at school, honey?

You know just the usual, nothing special;
I fell down a mountain and my head rolled away, 
I told it to stay, but it went anyway.
I met the Queen she said off with your head, 
But instead she cut my hair, so then I was bare.

Went with Santa to have some rum, 
Robbed a bank, had to run, 
Went to Mars and had a Mars bar, 
I went to Starbucks with springbucks.
Had some honey with a bunny, 
Ha ha, he was so funny. 

Married a sloth with a bad cough, 
Went to Australia in a jet, 
Came back to London and guess who I met?
Britney, Madonna and Uncle Freddy, 

That’s very nice dear, 
Your dinner is ready. 

By Darcy Melia. 

The Sun and our Shadows

Today the children drew and measured their shadows lengths outside at numerous times throughout the day. We explored how our shadows changed in shape, size, and direction over the course of the day, and related this to our previous observations of the Sun’s motion across the sky. We also discovered that long ago, people used this observation to create systems to accurately measure time. 

We found that the length of our shadows was dependent on whether the sun was higher/lower in the sky because the Earth is tilting nearer/further away from the sun.


The children worked in teams using a labelled map and a sheet with letters. They had to find the letters and numbers that had been hidden around the school yard, then work out a calculation linked to that number. They learnt about map orientation, tested their map reading skills and engaged in teamwork activities. 

Crime Scene Investigation

THE OFFICIAL REPORT…On Friday 10th February 2017, (at approximately 8:50am) children in year five arrived at school to discover that their classroom was home to a crime scene! They spent the morning trying to unravel the mystery by becoming detectives.
The children used what they have learnt about reversible and irreversible changes to figure out who the mystery footprints belonged to.
As the investigations continued, more pieces of evidence came to light. Eventually they concluded that it was our very own Mrs Lawson who completed the crime!

A fantastic end to our science unit this half term!

Dissolving and Melting – What’s the Difference?

In science this half term we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes. We used M&Ms to show the difference between melting and dissolving, created carbon dioxide and even made our own plastic using chemical reactions. Some of us even had a go at our classroom activities at home.

Persuasive Adverts

This week in Year 5 the children have been working hard to produce their own persuasive adverts/ TV broadcasts about the different countries within the British Isles. Working in groups they developed their ideas, scripts and storyboards before filming using the green screen to bring their advertisements to life!

Above are a few photos from the adverts which will soon be uploaded to the St John’s CE Burscough TV. Prepare to be persuaded!

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day, the annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical, took place on Thursday 6th October 2016.  In Year 5 we were looking specifically at the use of personification (giving human characteristics to something non-human). After reading some of our favourite poems we were set the challenge of writing our own based our class novel, Beowulf. Miss Souther was incredibly proud of our hard work, and thought they were too good not to share, so here’s a sneak peek. Can you spot any examples of personification?

A Blind Rage Like Fire
It was the day I had been waiting for,
The fire roared in terror as I walked through the door,
The chandelier cried in pain,
Even at the mention of my name.

All hope was gone, all justice dead,
The only living were those who fled.
Oh happy Herot, oh how you have demised,
At my arrival you were still surprised.

The only light that was lit, was the candle lit by the living who fled,
Now it has gone, all of it dead.
The wind was howling, the room was still,
To make Herot fall is a superior skill.

Jasmine  & Holly